Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Review - "100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs"

Stephen Elkins’ “100 bible Stories 100 Bible Songs” is a colorful, kid-friendly, padded cover book. Each story is kept to one page with the adjoining page displaying a coordinating picture. There is a song to go along with each story that is contained on one of the two cds that are included in this book. Many songs are familiar, such as “My God is so Big,” however there are also songs that may not be quite as familiar included as well, such as “Do to Others” and “Jesus in the Morning.” This is a great resource for tying in music with teaching Bible stories with children and the songs are ones that will be remembered over the years and enjoyable for the entire family! Just a side note, I had inserted the first cd into my computer to listen to and the playlist that was displayed did not match up with the songs, for example, on the playlist, the first song was listed as “The B-I-B-L-E” while the song playing was “In the Beginning” which is also the song listed in the book. So the right songs play, however the wrong titles are coordinated with the songs.

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