Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Review - Rachel's Tears

Rachel’s Tears, written by Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo, tells the story of Rachel Scott, one of the students killed in the Columbine tragedy. Being able to read about this horrific day from the viewpoint of people directly affected and having their lives changed forever makes the incident more real and personal to the reader as this is an issue of great concern in today’s society. Rachel, targeted for her Christian faith, stood for what she believed in and her physical life was taken although her eternal life could not be taken from her. This book is a powerful account of this tragedy from both of Rachel’s parents and interwoven throughout the book is sections of Rachel’s journal. This book is an encouragement for young people to stand for their faith in the midst of trials. School violence is constantly increasing and one must hope that something can be done about this. This is a great book for students to read along with parents and adults who not only work with students, but have the hope of school violence decreasing as well

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