Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book Review - Kiss

I have just finished reading “Kiss” written by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy, and wow what an excellent book! Dekker and Healy tie in politics, family relationships and ethical issues to create a suspenseful story that that is hard to put down. The authors draw you into the story where you do not know who the “good guys” are and who the “bad guys” are. It is a book that keeps you engaged in the story which is filled with emotions and twists and turns and has your mind trying to figure out what really is going on. The main character is faced with not remembering part of her life and has to decide who she can really trust and turn to for help, along with guilt over an accident that she may be to blame for that handicaps her brother, who is the person who means the most to her. Unsure of who she can really trust, Shauna reveals her “special ability” to a wrong person who leads to herself being placed in even more danger of being killed along with people she knows although she cannot remember how she is really connected to these people. A must read for anyone who loves a good suspenseful book!

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