Sunday, January 23, 2022

Holding onto Hope

Anyone who is living with chronic pain or illness knows that there are moments, days, weeks that you feel absolutely defeated. It is easy to question why this has happened to you, why life has to be like this and just desperately hopeless. However, as a Christian, this is not a battle that is fought and lived alone. Knowing that Jesus is with you is one thing, remembering this and holding onto that promise is another and can be more difficult.  
Leslie L. McKeesport book, "Hope Amid the Pain: hanging on to positive expectations when battling chronic pain and illness," is a 60-day devotional journal that is an excellent resource and help. Each day features a verse from the Bible and then a reading to go along with it. Also there are several lines for the reader to journal her own thoughts and reflections. 
I love that the readings are short and specific in focus for each day as it doesn't feel overwhelming or time consuming.  However, it is a verse and reading that will leave you thinking about it for the day (or longer) and away to start out each day with a positive mindset. Also, it is a quick read before bed to help calm any anxiety one may feel as well. 

*I received a complimentary copy from the author. All opinions shared are my own." 

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