Monday, January 4, 2021

Welcome to Walker Beach!


Lindsay Harrel has quickly become a must-read author for me and this latest book from her did not disappoint in the least!  Family, such a big part of who we are, and we can find ourselves placing so much pressure on ourselves to prove something or to feel accepted by our families.  Lindsay tackles this in this latest book and I think that is part of what drew me in, as the characters are so relatable!  

"All of You, Always" is the first Walker Beach Romance in the series and it was such a great start!  Bella is on a mission to convince Ben to sell his inn as her mom has made a deal with her and she really wants this deal to work out.  Bella does not know who her father is as her mother has never shared this information with her and now she is willing to on this one condition.  However, Ben is determined to make the inn successful, he cannot fail, and be the first in so many generations to fail.  

Both of these characters are searching for things in their lives and yet their lives are intersecting and they both cannot win and get what they believe they need to feel accepted and be happy.  This is a heartfelt story that will draw you into the characters' lives and leave you wanting more time with them. The writing is excellent and the characters and setting come alive in the pages.  

*Thanks to the author for a complementary copy of this book.  My thoughts and opinions were in no way influenced by the author or publisher.

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