Wednesday, May 6, 2020

New from Author Becky Wade!

Becky Wade is an author I can count on with each and every book she's writes, as there is not one yet that I haven't loved!  "Stay with Me" is the first book in her brand-new Misty River Romance series and this is an excellent start (besides the prequel novella "Take A Chance On Me," that is also available now!).  

Stay with Me (Misty River Romance, A): Wade, Becky: 9780764235603 ...
Genevieve and Sam are the two main characters in this novel; however we are introduced to other characters whom are going to be playing major roles in the upcoming novels in the series.  When Genevieve was a young teen, she and a group of her peers made national news when they were trapped and survived several days following an earthquake.  Genevieve's life has been forever changed following this time.  When she receives a letter that is not quite the same as the other fan mail she receives, she knows she must find out the answers, even when it means going behind her loving, devoted parents' backs.  Sam is living a quiet life, doing what he enjoys and yet he gets drawn into helping Genevieve, partly from guilt and partly because she really does not give him much choice.  These two, among other characters, must face their pasts and issues in order to truly be healed and find closure. 
I really enjoyed this book, the setting, the characters, the intrigue and the flashbacks.  I loved how the time frames and stories switch back and forth with present day, the earthquake event and the story that involves Genevieve's parents from years ago.  This book will leave you wanting to spend time at Sam's home, farm and restaurant and learning from one of many Genevieve's Bible studies.

I highly recommend this sweet story of healing and love!   

*Thanks to the author for including me on her launch team and a complimentary copy of this book.*

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