Sunday, May 19, 2019

"On a Summer Tide"

Cover Art

Suzanne Woods Fisher is one of my must-read authors and after reading her latest novel, "On a Summer Tide," she would have become one if she had not already been!  This is the start to a brand-new series, Three Sisters Island, and it is a contemporary romance series focusing on three estranged sisters and their father hoping to bring them back together. 
Cam, Maddie and Blaine are called together at their childhood home as their father has something to tell them.  None of the three sisters expected what the news was, that their childhood home has been sold and he has bought an island that has a camp where he and his late wife met.  However, it needs much work and the island is on verge of bankruptcy.  As the sisters are thrown other surprises and twists and turns in their own life, the three gather together on the island where life becomes even more unexpected.  The three sisters meet the locals, and learn some things including a wise statement that is shared by Peg: "You either get better or bitter by what life throws you."
I really enjoyed this start to the series and am eager for book #2 to come out!  These three sisters immediately drew me into their lives and I found myself laughing and hurting with them throughout the story.  Their interactions are so real as families can be tough, can be messy, but in the end they are family and when people are involved, it can be messy and crazy, but also love and hope can shine through.  And on a final note, I absolutely love this cover, so beautiful and a perfect depiction of the story. 

*Thanks to the Revell Reads Program for the complimentary copy of this book.*

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