Monday, February 13, 2017

"Moving Target"

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Lynette Eason has written another book that is totally and completely engrossing and impossible to put down!  I was completely hooked from the very start and read "Moving Target" is two sittings. 

Maddy and Quinn both have unresolved issues in their pasts and with their families.  Although, these two have known each for awhile now there is still so much they each do not know about the other and much they are holding back from each other and their friends and colleagues.  Now these two find themselves caught in the clutches of a madman or possibly more than one.  Maddy and Quinn have been identified as numbers 9 and 10 in a string of murders and the serial killer has kidnapped them and trapped them on an island on which they must find a way off of or die.  As Maddy and Quinn fight for their lives, they find their families being brought into this crazy game of survival and they are forced to face their families and unresolved issues while watching their backs. 
Maddy and Quinn have been in the previous novels in the Elite Guardians series, so it was great to be finally learning more about these two and really learning their stories as well as getting to spend more time with the other ladies and their families.  Lynette's writing is amazing, it flows so nicely, and is a great mix of romance and suspense and I completely become lost in the story and lose track of time staying up way too late reading and then it is hard to fall asleep with my mind still wrapped up in the story and in the characters' lives. 
I highly recommend this book, but you must read the other two books in the series first to really get to know all the characters.  If you haven't read them yet, definitely read "Always Watching" and "Without Warning."  I was so excited to read at the end of this book that book #4, "Chasing Secrets," is coming out this summer!  I am so looking forward to reading it after reading the first chapter that was shared!

*Thanks to the Revell Reads Blogger Program for the complimentary copy of this book."

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