Saturday, September 20, 2014

"The Story Keeper" - a story within a story

Lisa Wingate's latest novel, "The Story Keeper," is a masterpiece that should not be missed out on! Jen is a successful editor and she is thrilled to be beginning this new job; however she is unsure of what to do when an unfinished manuscript from the slush pile lands on her desk.  Jen cannot stay away from the manuscript and as she begins to read she is transported back to her childhood home and life. As Jen tries to uncover the mystery and story that is being shared with her, she faces her own past as well.
This book is so rich is detail throughout the entire book that the Blue Ridge Mountains came alive to me and the various struggles that the characters face. However many of this issues are not different from ones that so many people deal with in the county that I live in; this made the book even more real to me and a gentle reminder of the everyday needs and struggles that so many face. 
Lisa has a true talent for storytelling as this is a book that completely drew me into the story and in the characters' lives and it is a story that will forever stick with me.  I was thrilled to have been a part of the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Book" and I was able to read this book in June.  I was the second sister in my group and therefore I was able to read the comments that my "big sister" had written throughout the book which added another layer to the book.  I am getting ready to reread my own copy of this book which I am sure I will be blessed once again. 

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