Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Review - "The Promise"

"The Promise," book 2 in The Restoration Series, written by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley is now available!  I loved book 1 in this series ("The Dance") and I loved this new one just as much, I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series! "The Promise" focuses on Tom and Jean Anderson, son and daughter-in-law to Marilyn and Jim whom are back together after their separation and doing better than ever, are the main characters in this book. Tom lost his job five months ago, but has not told his wife Jean.  Each day, Tom sticks with his usual routine of leaving the house for work, and arrives home on time, but during the day he floats around between coffee shops and the library.  Jean has a secret that she has not shared with Tom either and suddenly she discovers that Tom has been lying to her and now she wonders if there is more going on as well. Jean and Tom know that changes need to be made and they rely on promises that they made to each other early on and draw on strength from their family.

I really enjoyed this book, it is such a good story!  It has a very realistic storyline, is filled with characters whom can be related to and filled with emotion; I was immediately drawn into the story and just wanted to keep reading.  I love that although Tom and Jean are the main focus of the story, the entire Anderson family plays a role in the story, even the uncle and aunt!  I loved the scenes included in Italy, not only were they described beautifully, but they also showed the change in Jim and Marilyn's relationship and how individually they have changed and grown as well and how they are now able to help Tom and Jean (as well as their other children). I loved the significance of the three generation picture and how this one picture had so much meaning and was able to help these men break a cycle and create a new beginning. I am really looking forward to book 3 being released!

“Available August 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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