Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Review - "At Every Turn"

Anne Mateer's "At Every Turn" will keep you turning the pages as it is filled with excitement, suspense and romance!
Alyce loves to drive fast and has a heart for God, both of which are frowned upon by her parents, especially her mother, as it is the year of 1916 and her main goal in life should be to secure a suitable husband.  Alyce meets a missionary couple at church one Sunday and pledges $3,000 in front of the entire church; however her parents will not give her the money, so Alyce has to get the money on her own.  Not having many talents and a big heart when she sees others' in need, Alyce has difficulty raising money and holding onto the money she does get.  The only option seems to be to race a car that her father's mechanic Webster has built, but no one can know that she is driving the car as that would be a huge scandal if discovered. 

Although this author is new to me, I love historical fiction and the blurb on the back cover was intriquing as it is such a unique story line and I was not disappointed!  This story had everything to keep me hooked in the story - romance, mystery, excitement, relationships and lovable characters!  Alyce's bond with her grandmother and their conversations and interactions added much to the story and helped me understand not only these two characters, but other ones as well.  Alyce is torn between Webster and Lawrence, not only which one she should trust, both or neither, but her feelings for each one as well.  Lucinda is a great minor character and Anne and Lucinda both discover a true friend in each other.  Anne has a great style of writing, as she writes with emotion and descriptives that bring the characters to life and I found myself laughing out loud at various moments throughout the book and at other times empathizing with the characters as well. 

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a honest review.*

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