Saturday, October 6, 2012

Book Review - "Roma Downey's Little Angels Bible Storybook"

I was thrilled to have a chance to review Roma Downey's "Little Angels Bible Storybook!"  Filled with 100 Bible stories, it a perfect way to introduce Biblical characters and stories to young children as each story is concise and is written in about three pages and includes vibrant and adorable illustrations.  Along with each story there is also a short prayer included, a verse to memorize, an activity suggested to reinforce a lesson taught in the story and a sentence that summarizes the lesson taught in the story.  This is a sturdy edition that is perfect for young children. My two year-old son has spent a lot of time paging through the book looking at the illustrations and pointing out various things on the pages.  Both he and my four year-old daughter have enjoyed listening to the stories.  The stories are a perfect length to hold their attention and the illustrations are very well-done, filled with detail and bright to catch their attention.  I highly recommend this Bible for young children!

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