Wednesday, August 8, 2012

.My Favorite this moment....

I read a post on the Reckless Bliss blog (click here to read it!) and I was inspired to create my own list of favorite things!  My favorite things change quite daily, so this is my favorite things at this moment!  Enjoy!  I would love to hear some of your own favorite things!

1. Listening to my children giggle with each other, seriously what is a more precious sound than that?!  Well, it is tied right up there with them singing, jabbering/chattering together and playing together! :)

2. Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai.  This is one of my favorite drinks and this morning I returned to work after being out for a few weeks and this was sitting on my desk with a note saying "welcome back," I have the best co-worker, what an excellent way to start off the morning and my time back!

3. Pinterest - I recently joined Pinterest and wow, I cannot believe I have been missing out on this for so long!  It is so very addicting and I just love looking through various pins and planning out/dreaming about events, parties, recipes, etc....... Wow!!!!

4. Anticipation of Fall.  I enjoy summer, just the whole relaxed feel to it, the different schedule, the warm weather, long days.... but I have to admit I am anticipating fall! It is my favorite season to decorate for, I just love the colors, the look, the decor, the scents, fall activities, everything.  I have seen fall things in Hobby Lobby, Yankee Candle, and am looking forward to decorating for fall Labor Day weekend!

5. Fresh veggies from the garden.  This is truly what makes summer in my book! My parents have amazing gardens and share their vegetables...sooooo delicious!

6. Summer days of sitting out in the sun on a lounge chair watching the kids play and taking pictures.

7. Did I mention pictures?  I love taking them, editing them, ordering them, looking through them.  I just ordered a ton....had not kept up with them well lately and had months worth to order, so much fun to look through them all and get them put away in albums when they arrived!

8. Tart Warmers.  I love my jar candles, but I started using tart warmers last fall when I got hooked on one and I have been using them quite often this summer.  So much fun to have a few tarts going at a time and mixing and matching scents! :)

9. Catching up on television shows, new favorites (Parenthood), re watching old and beloved ones (7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls)!

10. Making music mixes....something that for sure needs to be done again soon , as there are so many new, catchy stuff out there right now!  Little Big Town's "Pontoon" to name one.

11. Family Time.  We (my siblings and I and our families) recently had a party and really a whole weekend devoted to my parents to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. What an amazing couple my parents are :) 

12. Cake decorating. I am not so sure that this is my favorite thing while I am actually decorating them....but I love the end result and the kids' excitement over them.  Both of my children are summer babies, so we have birthdays recently to celebrate, complete with a Hello Kitty Cake and a Monkey Cake!

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