Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Review - "To Win Her Heart"

"To Win Her Heart" by Karen Witemeyer is a great historical fiction read! This is Witemeyer's third novel, yet it is the first one that I had read, but it will not be the last!

Eden Spencer has resigned herself to being a spinster as the man she was engaged to did not really love her, instead he loved her father's money. Eden moved to Spencer, Texas, the town founded by her father and lives in her parents' home. Eden fills her time with operating a library out of the home and leading a story hour for the children. Eden meets Levi Grant, the town's new blacksmith and is puzzled and intrigued by the hours he spends reading at the library. Eden cannot believe that this man is a fan of books and enjoys the stories as she does. Eden and Levi begin corresponding through letters and through Levi's actions - not fighting when provoked, rescuing a kitchen girl from the local saloon and bringing her to live with Eden - Eden finds herself falling in love. However, she is not prepared when she learns of Levi's past.

I really enjoyed this story! Witemeyer created lovable characters. Chloe plays a wonderful role in the story and Eden's parents, although they are not a huge part of the story, play vital roles as well. The descriptions and imagery throughout the book are so vivid and well-written. Eden's hobby of pressing wildflowers and making wall hangings with them was fun to read about.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a honest review.*

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