Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review - "Beyond All Measure"

Dorothy Love's debut novel, "Beyond All Measure," is sure to be a popular read among historical fiction readers! Set in the post civil war era, Love does an excellent job at incorporating this time period into her story.

Ada has no one left in her life - her parents, her aunt, her fiancee, her friends - they are all either deceased or have deserted her. Answering an ad in the newspaper for being a companion to an older lady, Ada travels from Boston to Hickory Ridge, Tennessee with what little money and belongings she has left. When Ada arrives she is met with one surprise after another, and she quickly questions her decision. Being a Yankee, Ada is met with hatred and some wariness by some people as she is merely judged based upon where she is from. Ada finds herself in the midst of tension and disagreements among the townspeople, but yet she finds herself fitting in with Lillian, the lady she is caring for, and Lillian's nephew, Wyatt, who is her employer among a few others. Ada's plan is to establish a millinery shop and carry on creating hats in memory of her mother; however she is met with mixed responses as to this as well.

Ada is struggling to create a new life for herself, but she must deal with some unresolved issues from her past as well. This is a great story that will encourage readers to work through things from the past and to not be afraid to take risks and move on. The characters are all very realistic and easy to empathize and make a connection with while reading. I am eagerly waiting for more novels from this new author!

*I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Thomas Nelson's BookSneeze program. *

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