Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Review - "Lady in the Mist"

A new author to me, Laurie Alice Eakes sent me back in time to the 1800's in coastal Virginia in her new novel, "Lady in the Mist," her first novel in The Midwives series. This book is filled with romance, suspense, and history!

Tabitha is a midwife in Seabourne, Virginia and is alone in the world as her family has all passed away and her fiancee, Raleigh, fled before their wedding. Tabitha believes that she will be single forever as it is unlikely at her age of twenty-four another man will wish to marry her. Tabitha immerses herself in her job and at the same time finds herself to be the keeper of many secrets. Tabitha meets Dominick, an indentured servant, however there is more to Dominick than meets the eye, and secrets surround him as he is a British Aristocrat. Tension between England and America is at a high during this time period and this impacts the relationship between Tabitha and Dominick. Then, suddenly, Tabitha's fiancee returns and is determined to win Tabitha's heart once again. Dominick gets in the way of Raleigh's plan again and again and this only adds to the tension and secrecy that is already at a high!

This is a book that pulls the reader in on the very first page! Eakes style of writing is enjoyable and easy to read. The characters are well-developed and the historical aspect of the novel is well-researched. I am looking forward to reading other novels by this author!

“Available February 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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