Saturday, August 7, 2010

Book Review - "The Bishop"

The much-anticipated fourth book in the Patrick Bowers series by Steven James, "The Bishop" has arrived! A congressman's daughter is dead, and the killers are not done. However, Agent Bowers is having difficulty finding a link between the murders that are taking place. In the midst of trying to solve this difficult case, Bowers is also dealing with issues in his person life. Tessa, Bowers daughter has several questions as she is facing ethical dilemmas and trying to make decisions.
This is a well-written novel, long, but worth the time to read it! Honestly, the story will pull you in and you will fly through the pages. James' writing is quite graphic at times just to forewarn you, however this is expected in a suspense/thriller novel. Those scenes can be read quickly or skipped as the story is not one to be missed for suspense fans!

"Available August 2010 from your favorite Revell bookseller!"

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