Friday, August 21, 2009

Book Review - "A Man of His Word"

Kathleen Fuller’s Amish novel, “A Man of His Word” is the first title in a new series set in Middlefield, Ohio. Fuller portrays the customs of the Amish living in this specific area. This novel has family relationships, marital issues, and general day to day living in the Amish society along with the “English” tied together creating a wonderful story.
The book moves at an enjoyable pace as it moves along the course of various relationships and trials that are faced by the main characters. The focus of the story is on Moriah, a newlywed, looking forward to a life filled with happiness and love and growing old along side her husband. However, suddenly Moriah finds herself without her husband beside her and also discovers that she is carrying their unborn child. Moriah learns some truths about love and hope throughout the trials she faces.
I have read several Amish novels, and enjoyed them. I enjoyed reading this novel and am looking forward to the next title in the series that is to be released in the spring.

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