Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Review - What's He Really Thinking?

“What’s He Really Thinking – How to be a relational genius with the man in your life” by Paula Rinehart can be enlightening as to how women interact and communicate with any man in their life. Men and women are different with how they communicate with and respond to each other. These differences can lead to barriers being built between man and wife leading to marital problems and ultimately divorce. A man bases his worth on his work, what he does and feeling adequate to take care of his wife and family is key to who a man is. Rinehart shares her wisdom and experience with women to help them become the “cheerleader” that their husbands need them to be. Learning how to respect one’s husband is also a section discussed along with expectations and intimacy. I would recommend this book to anyone who interacts with males on a personal basis daily. It is a quick read and organized in a clear, concise way that draws the reader in. Great for anyone seeking to understand the man in her life better!

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